Lyfepoints - FAQ

Most Common Questions

How do I use the Billaway mobile app?

The new Billaway mobile app is designed to help with the bill that has come to matter most – your mobile bill. After you register by providing us your email address, mobile phone number and setting a password, you will be able to answer surveys in order to earn free credits on your mobile bill.

When you click on a survey, you will be taken to our partner’s site. Check back to the site and in 2 to 60 days, you will see your free airtime credit on your account. The timing varies based on the survey partner.

As you earn, your credits will automatically be applied to your account.

Where are my credits?

After you take a survey, it can take 2 to 60 days before your credits are posted to your account. The amount of time is dependent on the survey partner.

If you would like to check or are concerned about your points, please use our “Missing Credits” request form and we will investigate.

How do I convert my credits into free airtime?

Please note that you must first have 1GB in credit before you can convert into free airtime. Once you earn 1GB in credits, you can then choose how to apply those credits to your mobile bill or phone plan.

How do I earn more free mobile credits?

Surveys. Surveys. Surveys. If you have other ideas for ways you would like to earn free credits, please let us know.

How do I earn free mobile credits by referring my friends and family?

Go to: Share and Earn. Enter email addresses or phone numbers for your friends, co-workers, family, or any acquaintance and an email or text message will be sent to invite them to join. You will receive a reward equal to 10% of their total free airtime earned earned. So if your friend earns 500MB in free airtime, you will receive 50MB in your account.

Reporting Issues

How do I report missing credits?

Please use the Missing Credits option on your Credits page.